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Our Mission

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Our Vision

To be a world-class resource for the realization of Micro- and Nanotechnology-based miniaturized systems that contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of international and nation and benefit humanity as a whole.
We offer strategic business development consulting, research and training, technological service for Clean Energy, Nanotechnology, and Biotechnological Industries as well as Academic Institutions globally for the applications of innovative materials-based technology in Advanced Engineering and Translational Research.

Our Mission

  1. To enable, through innovative interdisciplinary research and educational programs, the development of Micro- and Nanotechnology-based systems for biomedical engineering, health care technology, and  environmental protection.
  2. To provide solutions which, through translation of research into practice and technology transfer, contribute to social well being and economic growth.

We aim to create an environment where chemists and biologists can communicate with one another on theory, methodology, design of experiments and the end results so that fruitful collaborations and training in chemical biology can be established.
Our consulting on research & development activities is very interdisciplinary in nature and brings together the field of chemistry and biology by engineering of advanced materials for industrial applications.

Matrix HT, Inc.’s mission is to design, develop, and marketing high quality of nanomaterials, medical devices, and biomaterials that meet customer needs and global regulatory requirements. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life through the development and commercialization of novel nano- and bio-materials for tissue and organ repair and regeneration.