Stem Cell Research


Stem cell and progenitor cell research is a complex and very exciting field that promises fantastic curative discoveries in numerous areas from cancer to diabetes to neurogenerative diseases. Matrix® Life Science empowers stem cell scientists with an unparalleled portfolio of gene editing and gene silencing technologies including our CompoZr® ZFN technology and MISSION® RNA Libraries. Exhaustively tested, Stemgent® Reprogramming Lentivirus are proven for generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

Matrix Life Science offers an extensive portfolio of antibodies for stem cell research, including the most highly validated antibodies in the industry, Prestige Antibodies®. Verify the viability of your stem cells and iPS cells using our serum-free cell culture products/media, 3D matrices and growth factors.

Our expert team is constantly evaluating new and promising technologies within the growing stem cell research field to propel your research forward.

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