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Chemical Services

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Discovery CPR Custom Packaged Reagents

When projects require a custom array of reagents, Discovery CPR can meet the challenge. Our packaging groups will custom pack reagents to your specifications. If you have questions about our unique service or wish to request a quotation on a custom reagent set, please contact us at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Selected structure sets are available in either .sdf or .pdf format and have been filter to include only synthetically useful combinations of functional groups and structural features


Rare Chemical Library

The Matrix Rare Chemical Library, originally called Alfred Bader Chemicals, began in 1966 as a part of Aldrich® Chemical Company. It was comprised of discontinued Aldrich compounds and other compounds and collections from numerous resources. These were sourced from The United States and Europe. In 2010, the first catalog was published and had approximately 6,000 compounds listed. The name was later changed to the Rare Chemical Library as many of the chemicals listed were available from no other source. The Rare Chemical Library now has 145,000 compounds, which consist of the following:

•   Private and academic collections released upon the researcher's retirement

•   Products no longer available from the Matrix catalogs

•   One-time synthetic series from remote and obscure sources

•   Synthetic analogs and precursors

We continue our commitment to this unique service by acquiring new collections from around the world that are unlikely to be available form any other source.

The compounds in our Rare Chemical Library are offered in standard unit sizes ranging from 1mg to 1 gram. Custom requested sizes are also available through Discovery CPR.

The compounds include a wide variety of functional groups, both aromatic and non-aromatic.


Chemical Sourcing

Our Chemical Sourcing Service can help optimize your purchasing process, specifically for hard to find materials, by consolidating to a single vendor you know and trust, Matrix

Problem: Sourcing products yourself can be difficult and time consuming: Hundreds of vendors with multiple contact points, web sites, payment terms and systems. Coupled with time zone differences, foreign languages, and complex customs rules and regulations, the strain on your resources in research, procurement, transportation, accounting and management can be great. Matrix has put at your disposal an outsourcing service dedicated to your needs.

Solution: Our experience and outstanding supplier network across the globe provides you the best available offers on the market, timely organized and analyzed by our staff. You simply choose what materials you require and we provide a quotation with lead-time and pricing in local currency. If you choose to order, we will take care of the rest, buying or manufacturing the material, custom packaging if needed, and including all documentation needed for the shipping and delivery of the product to your lab in a compliant and timely fashion.

A Simple Process:

•   Email your request for quotation to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for with some basic information: MFCD number is preferred (CAS number and molecular formula are also acceptable) along with the name of the product, your current vendor, and the desired quantity.

No prepayment is necessary and there are no minimum orders…just a simplified process for procurement of hard to find chemicals utilizing our know-how and resources, with tracking and transparency throughout the sourcing process.


Compound Management

Matrix® uses our core operational strengths to drive your success.

•   Management of your compound or building block collections at dedicated Matrix facilities

•   Centralized and consolidated compound inventory

•   Filling and world-wide distribution of your compounds on demand

•   Management of all compliance and logistics issues

•   Protection of compound identities by non-disclosure agreement

•   ISO-certified storage and weighing areas

•   Secure, real-time inventory management

Matrix receives, consolidates and inventories your compound collections at our sites in Europe and the US.

•   We create a secure warehouse area for storing your collection – separate from other operations

•   Our team works with you to provide storage infrastructure and IT solutions

•   We receive your compound requests and pick, weigh, label, pack and make daily deliveries to your requirements

•   Matrix assumes day-to-day maintenance and daily operations of your compound collection.

For further information, contact:  Ms. Alfa Lai, Director of Business Development of Matrix Incorporation ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Chem Navigator

In addition of Chem Navigator® to Matrix’s Chemistry Services group now allows researchers in medicinal, computational, and synthetic chemistry as well as chemical procurement professionals access to identify and procure the chemistry you need for drug discovery and related research.

The iResearch Library™ is the most comprehensive database of chemistry for early stage discovery efforts, tracking over 95 million chemical products represented by over 55 million unique chemical structures. These products range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis. You can rapidly explore a research hypothesis by purchasing existing chemical samples for testing rather than taking months to synthesize compounds in-house. Registration for access to the iResearch Library is simple and requires only a no charge-license agreement.

You can use this online access to search via substructure, keyword, or product name to find building blocks and compounds, create sets for your screening activities, and use the Chemistry Procurement Service to buy your selected compounds. In combination with our Discovery CPR offer, we can now supply configured material to meet all your requirements in ready to use formats. Lists of compounds may also be supplied to provide a simple quotation for one to thousands of compounds and building blocks from hundreds of suppliers in one easy process to simplify your buying experience.

Our Chem Navigator informatics software toolbox is also available by subscription for robust virtual screening, chemical data management, and compound library acquisition. These tools are designed to interact with the iResearch Library directly from within your research environment to complement the tools you currently utilize. Please contact Scott Hutton for additional information on our cheminformatics capabilities or a demo of our screening tools.