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Epigenetics describes changes that are stable, but potentially reversible alterations in gene expression, that occur without permanent changes in DNA sequence and can still be passed on from generation to generation. Epigenetically controlled genes are activated or repressed without any change in DNA. Matrix® has a wide portfolio of products to support Epigenetics research.

Epigenetics portfolio includes products for studying DNA methylation, chromatin modifications and RNA interference (RNAi). The portfolio includes kits for bisulphite modification, global DNA methylation quantification, chromatin-immunoprecipitation, and DNA amplification. Matrix also carries antibodies for gene regulation including histone modification, chromatin modification, transcription factors, transcription regulators, RNA regulation and nuclear proteins.

Matrix has leading functional genomics technologies including RNAi tools for gene silencing (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA) and cutting-edge systems for gene editing and gene knockout. Target genes for Epigenetics, stem cells and cancer are available in this collection. Our latest addition the CompoZr™ Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) gene editing and gene disruption technology, which provides innovative solutions for eukaryotic and prokaryotic systems, has some existing kits for research in the above fields.

Besides this the portfolio also includes small molecules inhibitors, activators for methyltransferases, HATs and HDACs.