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In Vivo Gene Targeting

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Due to the absence of ES cell manipulation technology in rats and higher level organisms, many scientists have come to rely on the mouse as the organism of choice for gene knockout experiments, even in research areas where other model systems may clearly be more appropriate, areas such as CNS disease, Cardiovascular disease, Immunology/Inflammation, and ADME/Tox.
Using Sigma's exclusive CompoZr® ZFN technology and SAGEspeed animal creation platform, founder Knockout mice; and for the first time ever, Knockout rats, can be generated in as little as five months, less than half the time it takes using conventional ES cell gene targeting techniques. In addition to working in rodents, recent studies also shows that the technology works in higher level species such as rabbits and pigs.

With CompoZr ZFN technology, it is now possible to use the model system that makes sense for your research.

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