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Biomaterials, defined as synthetic or natural materials used in contact with biological systems, are enabling tools for many advances in biomedical research. The field of biomaterials is interdisciplinary and includes aspects of materials science, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Matrix®, combining our expertise in high technology and life science, is pleased to bring you tools for biomaterials research. Here you will find biocompatible materials, including biocompatible metals and ceramics, as well as a range of biodegradable polymers. Choose from a wide selection of poly(ethylene glycol) polymers with different end-functionalities, as well as bifunctional cross-linkers and crosslinking agents. Lipids and detergents are key components in many biomaterial preparations and biomimetic membrane systems. Peptides and structural proteins, including collagens, elastins and actins, are used as model systems as well as building blocks in biomaterials research. Numerous fluorescent microparticles and fluorescent labels are also available for your research.