consulting service and support of industries and institutions to business Development

Consulting Service

We provide consulting service and support as per the requirements of industries and institutions to launch and establish new business set-ups, programs, divisions, partnerships, networks, manpower and marketing resources, etc. We provide clients unique and profound insights into worldwide marekts of Biotech and Healthcare Industries and Academic Institutional having experiences in research & development, sales/marketing, distributor selection/management, business development, operations, and regulatory.

Our focus:

  1. Nanobiotechnology
  2. Biomaterials
  3. Clean BioEenergy
  4. Highthroughput Screening Technology
  5. Product Development and Supply Chain
  6. Diagnostic Test System Development
  7. Precision Instrument Development
  8. Key Technology Development

Our services as Business Development consultants:

  1. Licensing assessment
  2. Laboratory establishment
  3. Industry formation
  4. Market analysis
  5. Study design (SOP preparation)
  6. Market segmentation
  7. SWOT analysis
  8. Competitive intelligence

Our services in Bio-Pharma-Med industries/institutions:

  1. 3D Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  2. Nanoparticles research and Nanomedicine
  3. Natural Products and Nutraceuticals
  4. Biomedical Research and Development
  5. Stem cell storage and application
  6. Contract Research Organization (drug discovery and development, pre-clinical and clinical trials)
  7. IPR Regulatory Affairs
  8. Biomedical devices, materials, accessories sales and marketing
  9. QA/AC production etc

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