Business Applications

Matrix HT, Inc. provides course works together with unbiased consulting (e.g. Strategic Decision Making, Commercialization Lifecycles, Risk Management) that informs and aids decision. This opportunity is available for government, manufacturers using nano-products, nano-research laboratories, investors, law firms and media.

Scientific Applications

Matrix HT, Inc. provides customized education, courses and consulting services for nano reaserch laboratories more specifically for nanotoxicological issues. Using Matrix services, one can achieve immense cost savings and risk reduction by proactively addressing potential toxicology concerns. Our consulting and training services are based on the most current reliable reports and we are going to connect the fields of nanotechnology to nanotoxicology.
Following items can be offered:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Toxicity Evaluations for Nanoparticles
  • Essential Equipments for Nanotoxicology
  • The Art of Nanotoxicological Technical Report
  • Design of Safe Nano-Labs

Consulting Services

Although nanoscience and technology can offer new commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities, they are also contain great potential for severe toxicities. Matrix HT, Inc. is going to provide comprehensive services on nanotoxicological issues throughout international community. Following services are available:

  • Reports on Toxicological Issues
  • Nano-Laboratory Safe Design
  • Biocompatibility Enhancement of Nano-Products
  • Tools development for assessment and handling of nano-products in Both Laboratory and Marketing Scales
  • Nanotoxicology standards implementation 
  • Importance of Nano-Bio Interfaces

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