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Polymeric Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery System (DDS)

Research and development on drug delivery technology is very important to deliver a drug (DNA, RNA, Protein) to exact location in the body with high percentage of transfection efficacy, safe, and low toxicity.

We have developed Dextran-Spermine nanoparticles for safe and efficient delivery of DNA and RNA both in vitro and in vivo. Dextran-Spermine cationic polysaccharide is prepared by means of reductive-amination between oxidized dextran and natural oligamine seprmine. Polycations used for DNA/RNA delivery are considered to be promising candidates for non-viral delivery technology in part because of their molecular diversity that can be modified for fine-tune their physicochemical properties.

Cationic polysaccharides are new class of biodegradable polycations capable of complexing and transfecting various genes to many cell lines in relatively high yields.

Dextran-spermine based polycations are found to be highly effective in trasnfecting cells in vitro. The in vitro trasnfection efficiencies of the synthetic conjugates are found to be reproducible in term of gene level.


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