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Synthetic Reagents

Matrix connect you to the market-leading manufcaturing suppliers range of innovative and classical synthetic reagents for standard transformations for:

  1. C-C Bond Formation
  2. C-X Bond Formation (Halogen)
  3. C-X Bond Formation (Non-Halogen)
  4. Chelation/Complexation Compounds
  5. Compressed and Liquefied Gases
  6. Coupling
  7. Dehydrating Reagents
  8. Inorganic Acids
  9. Inorganic Bases
  10. Inorganic Salts
  11. Lewis Acids
  12. Organic Acids
  13. Organic Bases
  14. Oxidation
  15. Phase Transfer Catalysts
  16. Phosphazene Bases
  17. Protection and Derivatization
  18. Radical Chemistry
  19. Reduction

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